//The New Age of VR

The New Age of VR

A guide for 21st century training and coaching

Nowadays, most jobs are either on the brink of extinction due to the fast-paced technological advancements, while getting the remaining ones is oftentimes a tough task for the job market’s new entrants. Private life hurdles and challenges are transitioning into the professional part, therefore stifling the progress in the process. What is there left to do then, with the low confidence, depressed and poorly trained new work force?

After numerous failures and shortcomings, in the attempt to find proper and fitting training methods for the suffering new work force, many relevant figures in this sector concluded that incorporating Virtual Reality into training programs would be the key to sorting this out.

VR training methods have proven to be more successful, when it comes to information retention, while both employees and employers’ performances have shown tremendous progress.

Our VR products allow users to position themselves into various scenarios and most ranks across a company’s hierarchy so that they could experience first-hand the challenges faced by people across the company.

Vector’s landmark VR product, Helis City provides users with an immersive experience in which they can experience various simulated scenarios, even custom tailored, which take place in an environment which can be easily likened to a modern city. This training is not solely intended for prompting users to enhance their work skills but their soft skills as well.

The prevailing conclusion is that Vector’s training programs and VR coaching and programs similar to theirs are vastly more efficient than traditional ones.

On top of being better, they are also more cost and time effective.

Regardless if one happens to be the owner of the company or its newest employee, there is no question that there is no one person who could not improve their skills by using the proper tools. Old fashioned programs are extremely expensive and take up a lot of time. VR programs not only require approximately 5 minutes of one’s time, but they are cheaper and better suited to everyone’s needs, allowing users to train whatever skill one lacks in.

Despite having some shortcomings due to being in the infant stages, it is already far more proficient than traditional training mediums and a definite step in the right direction towards a simplified future for the training and coaching business.

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