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How can VR change the way we shop online

Virtual Reality is a simulated experience that can be similar or completely different from the real world.

In the last decade, Virtual Reality has given us a new way of seeing the digital world. Clothing and designer companies are now interested in how a customers attention can be diverted from all the hassle of our busy lives to new hights.

Although VR and MR shopping is still in it`s early stages, this will be the new popular way to shop online for clothing, shoes and glasses. Like never before, we can now see the desired clothing items and try them on without being physically there. This VR type of shopping can lead to a more pleasant experience and a satisfied customer.

Companies have now the ability to showscase detailed fashion items with the help of any 3D render software. In the near future, we will have the ability to try on any clothing article from the comfort of our homes.

VR and MR technologies have the ability to transform industries, including FMCG, retail, and foodservice, by creating new ways of marketing, offering entertainment, and staff training, and by improving the consumer experience.  Globally, in the mature retail market, Augmented Reality is currently used to familiarize the consumer with the product such as, knowing its benefits, comparing the product with competitive brands or sub styles, and rating the product.

FMCG companies are now investing in AR and VR to provide their respective customers with a new way of interacting with the brand by visiting the store within this virtual reality world, interacting with specific products and trying them before hand.

In the food service industry for example customers can now read a full scale menu (using AR capable mobile phones) or even see the food that is cooked or provided within a specific restaurant right in front of their eyes.

Integrating VR and AR in a marketing aims to build a consumer relationship, increase sales and add value to the shopper experience. They are more likely to buy a product because of the convenience offered by AR and VR.

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